Roll 48 - Join Us or Die

November 17, 2020

“Join Us or Die” is an interesting thing to see spray painted on a refrigerator in a suburban neighborhood outside of Philadelphia. It becomes even more interesting when you consider the implications of the recent election. After all, this was taken on the 17th of November. Just 10 days prior, America’s Drunk and Always Horny Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, was giving a passionate speech outside of a sex shop in Tacony when the Associated Press called the 2020 election for Joe Biden. As I pulled over my truck and reached for my trusty Fuji GW690 I wondered why this existed. Was it a sore Trump supporter throwing out the remnants of their art project they made in a drunken stupor over their week long election loss binge? Was this the dreaded Antifa making a statement? Antifa is coming for the fridges of all the Trump supporters left in America. The Jews went for the first borns of the Egyptians, and now the Democrats are coming for Republican’s refrigerators. Both the Egyptians and the Republicans deserve their fate. 

We may never know who is responsible for this, but I’m glad I was there to document it.

After leaving the fridge to it’s fate of being collected and dumped off Morey’s Pier in New Jersey. I took this next photo of a bunch of nothing. What can I say, I love wasting money on Ilford Delta 3200. 

That sweet sweet grain.

I like this scene better, but still feel like something is left to be desired to make it interesting. Even some clouds, or some birds could make this image stronger, along with some better framing and composition. Maybe the people who own the land will buy a horse or a goat to enhance the scene. I’ll be coming back here in the near future to try and make another photo. 

I jumped back into my truck and eventually found this next scene which I knew I had to photograph.

I spent the rest of my roll of Delta 3200 here, and I’m glad I did because I love all three of the photographs I made here.

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